Who are the Ghost Pirates?

We are a small group of close friends who, like you, were once completely new to the world of replicas. Our first replica was a $60 replica bought off a street vendor. Despite it being the most terrible purchase we ever made, it made us research more and discover more about the world of replicas. As we knew more, it grew into a hobby, and then a passion, and before we knew it, we were hooked.

We decided to make a business out of it, but even then we were scammed, bullied and misled. Today, we have successfully treaded through the murky waters, and do not wish our customers to go through the same. So our business model is simple. We are completely honest and transparent about what replicas are, and what they are not. We do not mislead you with fancy terms, but do our best to empower you with knowledge. With this knowledge, you know what you are getting, what you are paying for. You are happy, you return, maybe even bring friends with you. We make a profit, we are happy too. Everyone's happy, and that's the way we like our business to be run!

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What are replicas?

Replicas are copies of watches, and they have come a long way since we started. Replicas used to be associated with the word "cheap fakes", because that was what they were. They resembled the originals... if you looked at it from 50 meters away. In heavy rain. And fog. Quantity was all that mattered at that time, and factories produced these fakes by the thousands, selling them to dealers at as low as $5 per watch.

Today, things are very different. Competition, market demand and vast improvements in machines means replicas are getting extremely close to their original counterparts. Differences are so small nowadays that you hear replica hobbyists start mentioning things like "the date window is 0.5mm off" when comparing factories. With the advent of the internet, big factories no longer can sustain on hit-and-run methods, they actually research, develop, and listen to community feedback to improve their products and stay ahead of the competition. It's the golden age of replica-making, and you're right in it!

Learn more about replicas here.

Will my friends spot my replica?

This is a question that we hear people ask very often, and we have a simple answer for you:

It's all in your head.

Let's be honest with ourselves here, when is the last time someone asked you if your watch is fake? In my 15 years of owning replicas, I have only been asked this question TWICE. The first time was from a very close friend, and the second time was from my mother.

The fact is, this is a question nobody will ask, because in society, it is extremely rude. It is like asking a woman if her boobs are fake. You are asking for a slap in the face. So why did I get asked those two times then?

It's simple:
1. They were close enough to me to ask me such a question.
2. I was wearing a $40,000 Audemars Piguet when I was making $2000 a month.

If you had read our guides and seen our pictures, you would know that replicas nowadays are virtually indistinguishable from originals, short of someone dismantling your watch on the spot or taking a magnifying glass to it. Nobody will do that (if they do, you really shouldn't be friends with them).

What usually gives away a replica, then, is usually you. Wearing a watch that is way past what you can afford or lacking self-confidence is what usually gives it away. Getting the replicas perfect is our job. We have done it, your job is just wear it with confidence, like you just bought it out of a Rolex boutique, and you can be sure no one will even think it's a replica.

Let me finish this lengthy post with a real-life story I would like to share:
I have an uncle who was on a business trip in Guangzhou. He always wears a Rolex Yachtmaster which was given to him by a business associate who needed some favors. That watch probably costs more than what most people there earn in 2 years. And he was unfortunately robbed while returning from supper along an alleyway. The robber took his phone, his wallet and his cheap gold chain. But he did not even bother with the $10,000 Yachtmaster. Why? Because in Guangzhou, everybody wears replicas. Even if you wear an original, people immediately assumed it was a replica. Even robbers. Now think about it, if Tom Cruise walked out of his Lamborghini today wearing a Rolex replica, would anybody even think twice if it is fake?
That's some food for thought, isn't it?

How do I choose a replica?

Choosing a replica really boils down to choices: Do you mind people knowing it's a replica?

When we started discovering really good replicas, we really enjoyed buying replicas of ridiculously expensive watches and sharing them amongst our close friends. We would fawn over the quality, finish and feel of the replica and laugh our heads off at the people who would spend the money on originals. Over time, most of friends now own a replica of some kind, and we love them. If that's you, then great, you're spoilt for choice!

If you would rather nobody knows it's a replica, then you have to choose carefully. Look up new and used watch prices and find out what you can reasonably afford before making a decision. Then wear it with confidence, because we have already done the hard part for you, which is finding the best reps!

Some other factors to consider are watch sizes, wearing one that is too big or small for your wrist can look really odd. Dial type, leather or steel straps, carbon, gold or steel cases will also depend heavily on what occasions you plan to wear them for. This is a little too vast for us to cover in an FAQ, but click on the 'Talk to us' button below and we will happily discuss these with you!

What is a bezel? What is a case? What is a rehaut?

If you are completely lost when it comes to watch terms, or just want to learn more about watches and replicas as a whole, we have a really nifty guide made just for you.

Click here to view it!

Can I sell my replica as an original?

However much we might market our watches as extremely close to originals, the fact is that the movement of a replica is still different from the originals (Not sure what a movement is? Click here!).

This means that an experienced watchsmith or buyer will still be able to tell you watch is a replica if you do try to sell it.

But that's good news for us anyways! We believe replica watches should be a means for people to enjoy the quality of a luxury without paying the ridiculous price tag, not a way for unscrupulous people to cheat honest people of their money, so we plan to keep it that way!

Will watchsmiths service my replica?

Yes, most watchsmiths will happily service a replica (not the authorised Rolex service centre of course!).

Replica watches function the same way as original watches, so watchsmiths will service them as they do original watches. In fact, most watchsmiths will have ready parts for replica watches because most replica watches use generic movements, and more people wear replicas than you would expect!

Are replicas waterproof?

Most of our replicas will be waterproofed out of the factory, and this will be stated in the product description. This usually includes a combination of O-rings, gaskets and watch grease, just as the originals do. Even the Rolex triple-lock system has successfully been replicated.

While all this has been done, it would be worthwhile to note that replicas are NOT individually pressure-tested. Doing so will unnecessarily increase the price of replicas. While you will generally be fine getting your watch wet, if you are planning to use your replica heavily in water-based activities, we recommend bringing your replica to a watchsmith for a pressure test. This way, you can be a 100% sure your replica is waterproof before you actually go diving with it.

What is the difference between a quartz and a mechanical movement?

In simple terms, quartz movements are powered by batteries and mechanical movements are powered either by winding the watch, or a spinning rotor in automatic watches. Quartz movements are usually found in cheaper watches like Daniel Wellingtons or Emporio Armani's. They are cheap to manufacture and are easily recognisable by their 'ticking' movement.

Mechanical movements (which are found in our replicas), are highly-intricate mechanisms made up of dozens of small parts. They are expensive to manufacture, and hard to assemble, which is why they are usually found only in high-end watches. They give the signature 'sweeping' movement which we love, and are not powered by batteries of any kind.

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How long does shipping take? How much does it cost?

All your basic shipping questions can be found in our shipping information page. But if you have a question you can't find an answer to, feel free to click on the 'Talk to us' button at the bottom to talk to a human!

My package appears to be delayed/stuck at customs? Am I being scammed?

Delays and holdups are rare but normal as part of any shipping experience. While there are limits to what we can do once the package is with the courier, do contact us using the 'Talk to us' button at the bottom and we will help in any way we can.

In the case you receive any letters from customs regarding your package, do not hesitate to contact us first. We are well-versed in handling customs situations from any country and will be able to advise you on what to do next to ensure your package reaches you safely.

I was not at home when my package was delivered. What now?

Most shipping carriers will leave a note and inform you on how you can rearrange a delivery or collect your package personally. When the package goes uncollected for an extended period of time (why would you do that though?!), it may be sent back to us, in which case you may be liable for the shipping costs to reship the package to you. In any case, talk to us! We are always out to help you out however we can.

Will the Feds/MI6 come crashing through my window and arrest me for buying replicas?

No they won't. Really. You can sleep soundly now.

While different countries have different laws regarding replicas, the authorities generally do not persecute buyers or owners of replicas. The people they are after are us, the sellers. That's why we are ghosts, and excel at running away from these people quickly!

If you do still need any information regarding your particular country though, feel free to click on the 'Talk to us' button at the bottom and we will be more than happy to have a chat with you.


I have made my order, but there is no payment made, what's happening?

Once your order has been placed, a separate email containing payment instructions will be sent to you. We do it this way to prevent the authorities from catching on to us and shutting us down, so we can stay in business and everyone is happy!

The email is sent by a human (we tried to train the house cat to do it, it was im-paws-sible), so it might take a little longer if we are asleep, eating or out watching Avengers: Infinity War. While we understand this may be awkward for those new to purchasing replicas, once you get used to it, it isn't that much different from a normal purchase.

You can find more information in our payment information page.

Still have doubts? Click on the 'Talk to us' button below or email us at and grill us all you want!

Why the strange payment process? Can't I just pay through the website?

We receive our payments this way to prevent the authorities from catching on to us and shutting us down, so we can stay in business and everyone is happy!

While we understand this may be awkward for those new to purchasing replicas, once you get used to it, it isn't that much different from a normal purchase.

You can find more information in our payment information page.

Still have doubts? Click on the 'Talk to us' button below or email us at and grill us all you want!

I have made my payment, but nothing is happening now? Am I being scammed?

Once your payment has been received, we will process your order and send you a tracking number once your order is on the way.

The process is done by a human (we tried to train the house cat to do it, it was im-paws-sible), so it might take a little longer if we are asleep, eating or out watching Avengers: Infinity War. While we understand this may be awkward for those new to purchasing replicas, once you get used to it, it isn't that much different from a normal purchase.

You can find more information in our payment information page.

Still have doubts? Click on the 'Talk to us' button below or email us at and grill us all you want!

I want a refund. Now. What do I do?

If, for some reason, you would like a refund of your purchase, please contact us by clicking on the 'Talk to us' button below or dropping us an email at and we will help you out within 24 hours.

Do not, in any case, attempt to process your refund via PayPal or chargebacks. Doing so will usually result in our account being frozen, which means we lose that money, and you do not get your refund either. This makes it a lose-lose situation, except for PayPal/the bank, who ends up with all that money.

Our first priority is always our customers, and as long as you keep us informed of your needs and questions, we are certain we can always work something out!

Do I get a discount for bulk purchases?

While we generally do not offer bulk discounts because our profit margins are already carefully calculated so we earn enough to survive while keeping prices reasonable, we are always open to discussions if the amount you are looking to purchase is significant enough. Hit us up at!

Replica ownership

How do I change the batteries in my replica?

This is a trick question, isn't it?

If you had been reading our guide, you would know most of our watches come with mechanical movements, which do not require a battery change.

Yet this question has been asked often enough, so we thought we would put this up here. And also recommend you check out our guide by clicking here.

You will be a much better-informed replica buyer after that!

How do I adjust my bracelet/strap?

Coming soon!

Do I need a watch turner?

First off, you must be know how automatic watches work. If you don't, check out our guide by clicking here.

What is a watch turner/winder? It is a device which slowly rotates your watch while you are not wearing it. This mimics the movement of your hand when wearing the watch, so you do not need to wind it and set the time again if you have not worn it for a long time.

This can be useful if you do not wear your watch regularly, but is it really necessary?

Not at all. Winding and setting the time on your watch doesn't take very long at all, and a watch turner is just a waste of power and money. Claims that the oils on mechanical watches will coagulate and clog up the watch if not in use have already been proven to be false, so there really is no good reason to get one.

Unless it's to make your room look good, then yes, why not?

How often do I need to service my replica?

Generally, you do not need to service your watch unless there is an issue with it. Given the cost of replicas compared to the originals, most people just wait till something breaks before they service/replace the movement. And even then, it may be several years down the road and you might be better off picking up a newer model.

For the nitpicky, some might bring a brand-new replica to a watchsmith to do a general service, along with a pressure test to ensure it's waterproof.

My watch is getting dirty/icky. How do I clean it?

Cleaning can be as simple as wiping down your watch to a full-blown 20-step process. But general maintenance is not as daunting as it sounds, so let's get to it!

Simple maintenance
After wearing your watch, just wipe it down with a microfiber cloth to remove grime and sweat. Do not rub hard, just wipe gently.

Deeper cleaning
Before starting, we recommend you remove your watch strap/bracelet. This not only makes it easier to clean, but if your watch has a leather strap, it is best not to let it get overly wet.

Watches with a screw-down crown:
Ensure the crown is tightly screwed down before doing anything.
Rinse off the watch with lukewarm water, which helps in getting rid of loose particles.
Use 2 - 3 drops of an ammonia-free soap (dish-washing soap works fine) and a wet cloth to clean the watch. A soft toothbrush also helps in getting into crevices.
Rinse off with lukewarm water and dry with a clean microfiber cloth. Tip: Put the watch in a sock and spin it around to get rid of water in crevices. Hold on tight!

Watches without a screw-down crown:
Without a screw-down crown, watches are generally not waterproof, so avoid getting the watch wet as much as you can.
This means that instead of a wet cloth and running water, use a damp cloth instead.
For cleaning with soap, use a damp cloth with a drop of soap.
Always check your watch crystal for water vapor when you are done. In the case of water vapor in the case, immediately put a hair dryer on cold/low wind settings on it.

Steel bracelets:
Steel bracelets contain lots of tiny moving parts, which tend to hide a lot of grime, so make sure to get to them!
First off, rinse your bracelet off with lukewarm water.
Soak the bracelet along with any spring bars and end-links in a plastic bowl with lukewarm water and ammonia-free soap. Swish it around until it becomes bubbly, and let it soak for 30 min.
Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the bracelet thoroughly, then rinse off with lukewarm water.
Dry the bracelet with a microfiber cloth, you can also put the bracelet in a sock and spin it around to get rid of water in crevices. Hold on tight!
Once the bracelet is completely dry, spray the bracelet thoroughly with WD-40 and let it sit for an hour.
Thoroughly remove residual WD-40 by rinsing with lukewarm water again, then dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Leather straps
Leather straps can be cleaned with a damp cloth with 1 - 2 drops of ammonia-free soap, then wiped clean again with a damp cloth.
Try to avoid getting leather straps overly-wet, and allow to air dry before wearing.
A leather conditioner can be used to keep your leather in good shape and feeling supple.

Additional tips:
Renaissance wax can be applied to steel surfaces to further protect them once the watch is completely dry. Avoid the crystal and leather straps.
An ultrasonic cleaner can really work wonders on steel bracelets, and makes cleaning much easier too! Just be sure to remove the watch from the bracelet first.
Many watchsmiths provide extremely thorough cleaning services in addition to servicing your watch as well, if you are lazy to do it yourself.

Not sure what certain terms in this guide are? Check the watch guide.