The Ghost Pirates' business model is simple enough.
We take the most direct route possible: from the factories straight to you.
This keeps prices low, quality in check, and everyone happy.

Every idea starts with a problem.
The replica industry has long been plagued with issues: scammers, low-quality replicas, ridiculous prices, etc. Having so many bad experiences, it made us extremely wary of buying replicas, as much as we loved them.

Turning dreams into reality.
We knew that good quality replicas existed, and we knew that by selling them in an honest, transparent way, we could build a loyal following of customers and turn a profit. And so we gave up what we had, and left to pursue this dream with a suitcase and $500 to our name. That was 5 years ago.

The dark side of replicas.
To find the factories that produced these watches was not easy. There were dealers and distributors everywhere, and it was not information they would divulge. The market was flooded with shady dealers and sometimes even shadier cops. But over the years, we met good, honest people and forged friendships which allowed us to survive these treacherous waters. And these connections slowly led us to what we wanted.

Ghost Pirates today.
It's been 5 years, and today we can proudly say we have achieved our goal. We source all our watches and bags directly from our trusted factories, cutting out the middlemen. This means lower costs, more transparency and a more direct feedback channel. What this means for you is cheaper prices and better products. Like we said, everyone's happy, and that's the way we like our business to be run.

Going somewhere?
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* No ghosts were harmed in the making of this website.
In fact, they pretty much enjoyed themselves.